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The Masci Family has been working with passion and dedication in the tourism sector for seventy years.

Our History

Shortly after the end of the Second World War, more precisely in the ’50s and in the middle of the economic boom, Mrs. Norcia Antonia and Mr. Umberto Masci, from the rubble of a house in the center of Terracina, built one of the first hotels in the city called: “Hotel Anxur”.

They subsequently purchased a plot of land along Via Flacca on which there was a simple villa that within a few years they transformed into the “Anxur Restaurant”. Towards the end of the ’60s they began to exploit the land adjacent to the restaurant as a staging area for tents, thus creating the “Camping Anxur“. This activity was then expanded and managed by the children of Umberto and Antonia, and is still managed by the grandchildren today.

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Professionalism, reliability and accuracy are our prerogatives in order to provide you with the best assistance. 

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